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Chiropractic protects the integrity of the nervous system and activates the body’s natural healing ability. If your nervous system is functioning properly, then all cells, organs, and tissues of your body will function at their maximum potential as well. The human body is designed to resist and fight disease and illness. Chiropractic exams find and eliminate misalignments and subluxations, alleviating nerve interference.

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Conveniently located next to the Brown University and RISD campuses on the East Side of Providence

The Importance of Proper Posture

We are what is known as a flexor dominant society. More often than not, patients have jobs that require them to be at a desk for the majority of the day. This creates tremendous stress on the neck, upper/mid back, shoulders and even the low back. With proper posture, the head sits right on top of the shoulders and gravity keeps it in place. The same is true of the shoulders sitting in their joint. Once we lose that proper posture, we are forced to use other means to keep our head and shoulders in place. This includes muscles, tendons and ligaments. Eventually they get tired.

In order to combat this, we try and focus on keeping good posture throughout the day. But what happens 30 seconds after we fix our posture? We forget about it, and fall back into the same pattern. Why is this? Our brains are wired for that to be our normal. It is impossible for us to consciously keep our head and shoulders back all day. It is possible, however, to retrain the brain and musculoskeletal system to stand and sit with proper posture. At Balance Chiropractic, we have many protocols to improve an array of different postural distortion patterns.

Dr. Aaron Salinger of Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center, on the East Side of Providence, RI.

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Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Providence, RI

Dr. Aaron Salinger explains the approach at Balance Chiropractic, located near Brown University on College Hill.

Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center

At our clinic, we strive to perform the most comprehensive exam and analysis possible. With the information we gain, we can educate the patient to make the most informed decision possible about their treatment. We used a variety of chiropractic and physical therapy concepts to achieve the best possible result for the patient.

How you’re built matters. Gravity is unrelenting. It can be your lifelong friend, or a furious enemy. At Balance Chiropractic, the battle for your structural health begins with understanding how you are built today. We want to know what gravity + time, toil, trauma, and the stress of life have done to you so far… therefore, we create a BodyBlueprint© to work from. Guessing about any aspect of your health is out of the question. The unique approach of our clinic is to comprehensively assess your overall body structure – the relational position of your head, torso, lower body and feet… your MacroStructure and the proper spinal curvature. We use state of the art technology, and computer aided assessment tools to insure we have the most accurate information possible.

Once we have a completed your BodyBluprint© we have something to show you, in order that together we formulate a plan to address your pain, loss of function or general lack of health and vitality. Healthcare should be a partnership between patient and physician… and should always be cooperative.

Our role is to help you manage your current condition. The first step is usually to get you out of pain, or to restore some function you have lost. For many patients, this is their primary objective. For those who choose to continue with care, the next step is developing a proactive strategy to improve your body mechanics, and structural integrity. Once you are as stable, strong and capable as possible, we suggest ways to support your structure and function in the future so you may maximize your physical potential. In other words, so you can fully embrace life every day


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